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Regarding the external transmission of user data

We use cookies and other device identifiers to gather information about customers (user data) and transmit it to external service providers. This practice aims to enhance the web experience for customers, personalize content and advertisement displayed, and analyze our website access for improvement purposes. Below, you can find details such as the service name of the external service providers, the user data transmitted, and its intended use.

Category Service Provider Service Name Transmitted User Data and Intended Use Privacy Policy Opt-Out Page Cookie Policy
Access Analysis Google LLC Google Analytics
Consent Management OneTrust, LLC. Cookie Consent
Access Analysis SAP SE Gigya
Functionality Enhancement Wovn Technologies, Inc. WOVN.io
  • Category
    Access Analysis
    Service Provider
    Google LLC
    Service Name
    Google Analytics
    Transmitted User Data

    ・Client ID
    ・IP address
    ・Page URL
    ・Device type
    ・Operating system
    ・Browser type
    ・Language used
    ・Image resolution

    Intended Use of User Data

    We collect and transmit user data to Google to analyze and enhance website performance. Google analyzes and compiles statistics based on the transmitted data, and provides reports to us on website performance. Additionally, Google may use the data to improve its products and services.

  • Category
    Consent Management
    Service Provider
    OneTrust, LLC.
    Service Name
    Cookie Consent
    Transmitted User Data

    ・The consent or refusal status of site users to the use of cookies, etc. on our website
    ・The date and time of the user's consent or refusal (Timestamp)
    ・Location of the site user
    ・Number of interactions with cookie banners by site users

    Intended Use of User Data

    The cookie consent management tool provided by OneTrust manages the consent or refusal status of cookies utilized on our website for each site user. It utilizes this information to regulate the import and export of cookies to the preferences of individual users.

  • Category
    Access Analysis
    Service Provider
    SAP SE
    Service Name
    Transmitted User Data

    ・Personal data related to business relationships
    ・Personal data that needs to be collected
    ・Data related to personal use, registration, and participation
    ・Personal data in special categories
    ・Personal data related to submissions
    ・Personal data that we may receive from third parties

    Intended Use of User Data

    We collect and transmit information about website users to 'Gigya' to analyze and improve website performance.
    Gigya not only conducts social media linkage but may also conduct various analytical processes on company-owned media, including identifying influencers, etc. and analyzing social media and owned media traffic trends.

  • Category
    Functionality Enhancement
    Service Provider
    Wovn Technologies, Inc.
    Service Name
    Transmitted User Data

    ・Session ID
    ・Browser language information
    ・Information regarding the language used on pages translated by WOVN.io
    ・Website activity history
    ・Browser cookie setting preferences

    Intended Use of User Data

    This website uses WOVN.io, a multilingualization and translation tool, enabling site users to access the site in multiple languages. User data is transmitted to Wovn to enhance user convenience and improve the website. Wovn manages user data to provide multilingual functions and generate statistical reports on the website user's site usage to us.